Reliable discharging

The Bullet Trap Real Target® unloading device will make it much easier to check a safely unloaded gun. The compact size of the device is very compact, so it can be used not only in small rooms, but also for example in the car. Thanks to the universal mounting system, the unloading device can be mounted indoors in buildings, car interiors or outdoors.

Safety first

In the event that you have to remove the magazine and prove that you have no more ammunition in the chamber, there is nothing easier and more reliable than unloading the gun into an unloader. Just point the gun at the device and pull the trigger. If you have a round left in the gun, the internal system of the unloader will set it into a whirling motion that absorbs the energy of the fired round. The device is safe for the surrounding environment because it minimizes powder gases and shot noise. Once the projectile loses energy, it falls through the control gap into the bottom of the device.

Wide use

The device is intended for users who are in daily contact with the weapon. It is suitable for police forces, military or security agencies. It can also be used by sport shooters or ballistic laboratories. In short, wherever it is necessary to comply with safety regulations to the maximum and to be sure that the weapon is really unloaded.